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Dining Lyabi House Bukhara is ideally located amidst a delightful natural settings of the old and charming part of Bukhara.

Lyabi House Hotel offers meals including national, European and vegetarian in charming 19th century hall with traditional ornamental designs. We prepare meals by your order and choice.

There are more than 100 dishes in traditional Uzbekistan kitchen. There is a variety of Uzbek pilaff cooked in its own way in every region of Uzbekistan.

We will be more than pleased to prepare for you Bukhara pilaff either with raisins or garlic. You may enjoy the terrific taste of Uzbekistan fruits and vegetables ripped under the oriental sun at our dinner or lunch. Together with delicious meal, fruits and vegetables you may enjoy the popular oriental green tea which relaxes you in hot days and keeps you warm in cold days.

While you are staying with us in Bukhara to avoid the stomach problems we suggest you to peel all the fruits and vegetables; drink only mineral or boiled water and eat fat free dishes.